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01/06/2016Exxon PALP Begins Mid January
 Exxon PALP project will begin in mid January.  This project will include a mill and overlay of the entire plant site.  New striping and signage will also be added.
01/05/2016East Feliciana Rd Improvement Nears Completion
 The East Feliciana Road ImprovementProject is nearing completion.The roads are available for safe and smooth travel.
01/04/2016Asphalt Paving Complete
 The asphalt paving at Movie Tavern and Walk Ons at Juban Crossing is complete and ready for striping. Each project was completed in record time in order to accelerate the opening of each business.
1/1/2016 Ascension Parish Rd Project Begins
 The Ascension parish road project is about to begin. Our crews will be working throughout the parish streets in the coming months.
12/30/2015Exxon Rockwell Civil enters asphalt phase
 Exxon Rockwell Civil project is entering the asphalt phase. This will provide new paving around their brand new terminal. The lime stabilization, stone base and asphalt paving were all performed by our crews.
12/28/2015Livingston Parish Rd Near Completion
 Livingston Parish road project is nearing completion. All 30 roads have been rebuilt by our crews
12/25/2015Motiva Convent Way Rd Completion
 Motiva Convent Way Rd is complete and ready for plant personnel to enjoy. The road was asphalt patched, milled and paved. The new stripping will provide for safe travel on the smooth new road.
11/30/2015Parking Lot Improvements
 Parking lot improvements were recently completed at three BREC park locations Sharp Road, Howell Park, and Gus Young
11/30/2015Parking Lot Improvements
1/24/2014 Iberville Terrace - East Baton Rouge
 This Baton Rouge city parish road project currently under construction includes restoring 2000' of curb and gutter as well as installing handicap ramps at every corner of the project limits.
1/24/2014 Juban Crossing
 Our massive site development project at Juban Crossing is currently underway.
1/24/2014 St. James Parish Road Project
 There are several roads on the East and West banks of St. James parish that have been reconstructed by our crews.
1/24/2014 St.Gabriel Phase 3
 The City of St. Gabriel's phase 3 road project will encompass several roads throughout the city.



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